Chalet Le Pînpiolé Chalet Rental in Sixt Fer à Cheval, France

Sixt Fer à Cheval - Infos

DOMAINE NORDIQUE : cf pièce jointe

Le circuit du Fer à Cheval , le nordic Park ,  la piste de luge et la piste piétonne sont ouverts.

Sur Joux Plane les circuits du Lac, du Col, Valentine, Bourgeoise sont ouverts ainsi que la piste de luge et la piste piétonne. Le nordic park est fermé.

Les forfaits sont au tarif normal : 8€/adulte et 4€/enfant.



Tout est ouvert sauf le téléski de Balme. La piste « des Cascades » est ouverte.

Plus d'infos :



JOURNEE SKI TEST : toute la journée venez tester les dernières nouveautés en ski, snowboard et paret  sur le domaine skiable .

Rendez vous au télésiège des Vagnys.


INITIATION PARET :  à 14 h : rendez-vous au Cirque du Fer à Cheval sur la piste de luge pour découvrir le Paret. Amusement garanti !


La sortie raquettes nocturne est annulée faute de participant.




Winter Olympics 2014: ski and snowboard fever sweeps Britain

 National GO SKI GO BOARD campaign has reported a rise in visitors to dry slopes and indoor snow centres across the country
Telegraph Ski and Snowboard
10:45AM GMT 14 Feb 2014
Skiing and snowboarding in the UK is enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to the Winter Olympics, with dry slopes and indoor snow centres across the country welcoming both beginners and seasoned skiers in their hundreds.
The Chill Factore, a snow centre in Manchester, was at full capacity all Sunday, the dry slope in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, ran out of snowboards to hire, snow centre Snozone in Castleford hosted ski and snowboard taster sessions for 240 people and snowboard lessons at the Mendip Snowsports Centre in Somerset are fully booked until mid-March.
These are just some of the examples of what GO SKI GO BOARD, Snowsport England's wintersports participation campaign, says amounts to a ski and snowboard fever sweeping the country.
The last week has seen mixed results from the Games in Sochi. Boarder Jenny Jones claimed Team GB's first ever medal on snow, a bronze in snowboard slopestyle, but James Woods's hopes of a medal in medal in ski slopestyle were dashed by injury.
Chemmy Alcott finished 19th in the women's downhill, a result she said was as good as gold after coming back from two broken legs in the last four years.
After her medal win, Jones told the Telegraph she hoped her success would encourage more women to try snowboarding whatever their age – Jones, 33, was at least six years older than her fellow competitors.
GO SKI GO BOARD was launched last year to harness the excitement surrounding the Winter Olympics, which has seen the largest ever troupe of Team GB skiers and snowboarders compete.
The campaign has been providing all-inclusive beginner sessions and refresher courses at more than 35 indoor and dry slopes across the UK, from as little as £30 for six hours over six weeks on a dry slope, the number of hours Sport England says is needed to "engage someone in a sport".
"There is a huge buzz around snowsports at the moment and there has not been a better time to get people skiing and snowboarding," said Tim Fawke, chief executive of Snowsport England. "We hope by offering value for money, we can give more people the chance to give the sports a go – whether it's their first time or they are trying them again after several years."
The campaign, supported by more than £1.1m of funding from Sport England, has a target to increase the number of people skiing and snowboarding regularly at facilities across England over the next four years.
Fawke added: "With what is happening in Sochi, we are convinced we can hit our targets and get more people catching the snowsports bug."
Find your nearest course and ski slope at Recreational skiing and snowboarding is also available for those who just want to have fun on UK slopes


Ski helmets soar in popularity

We say: Helmets are an integral part of our kit, we wouldn't dream of skiing without one!


Ski helmets soar in popularity
The use of ski helmets on the slopes has soared by 82 per cent compared to 2009 following accidents involving Michael Schumacher and Natasha Richardson
Telegraph Ski and Snowboard
10:24AM GMT 11 Feb 2014
More than two-thirds of Telegraph Travel readers now wear a helmet on the slopes, according to a survey conducted in the wake of Michael Schumacher's crash.
In a poll of more than 1,000 skiers and snowboarders, 71 per cent said they wear a helmet, a figure which suggests a dramatic change in the attitudes of British winter sports enthusiasts. A similar poll carried out by Telegraph Travel five years ago, following the death of Natasha Richardson, the actress, who sustained a head injury at Canada's Mont Tremblant resort, found that just 39 per cent wore one.
The poll also tallies with one conducted by America's National Ski Areas Association last year, which found that 70 per cent of skiers and boarders wore protective headgear, and one carried out in Switzerland, which found that 76 per cent do so.
It comes as February half term nears, a peak week in the ski season for families, and as ABTA, an association of tour operators and travel agents, reported that British skiers were more likely than ever to wear a helmet.
A debate on whether helmets should be compulsory has raged for years, with some insurance companies refusing cover to those who go without. Some opponents to the headgear say they encourage wearers to take more risks, while others say it should be a matter of personal choice.
In January, shortly after racing driver Schumacher's off piste crash in Méribel on December 29, from which he is still in a coma, British retailers recorded a huge spike in helmet interest, with one store in Newcastle experiencing a 400 per cent increase in sales. Schumacher's helmet reportedly split in two when his head hit a rock in the French resort.
Snowsport retailers said they saw a similar surge of interest after Natasha Richardson's death. Richardson was not wearing a helmet.
Diane Bartlett, a manager at independent retailer Ski Bartlett in Hillingdon, Middlesex, said the increased in interest in helmets had been steady since the beginning of January.
She said: "We have people coming in who say they would have never thought they'd wear a helmet. I think it's partly because Schumacher had that invincible-type persona – it's a kick of reality, especially, it seems, for a lot of men.
"We're getting a lot more people willing to pay good money for a helmet. They're not coming in and asking what's the cheapest – people want to see the best. Our hat sales are down."
Victoria Bacon, head of communications for ABTA, said the organisation urges all skiers and boarders to wear a helmet. "We want people to be able to make the most of their time on the slopes and knowing you have the right kind of equipment is one less thing to worry about," she said.



Lundi 17 février
Défi Zou
Le tournoi du jeu de cartes du Grand Massif. A partir de 6 ans.
17h : Office de tourisme.
Mardi 18 février
Visite guidée du bourg
Proposée par les Guides du Patrimoine des Pays de Savoie.Tarif : 5€/ adulte et 3€/enf.
10h : Office de tourisme.
Projection – conférence « La Faune en hiver »
Projection d'un film-documentaire d'Anne et Erik Lapied "Survivre, Animaux des Alpes en hiver" suivi d'un temps d'échange avec Asters, Conservatoire d'espace naturels de Haute-Savoie.
Soirée organisée par ASTERS et l'office de tourisme.
18h : Office de tourisme. Gratuit.
Mercredi 19 février
Journée ski Test
Venez tester ski, snowboard et paret sur le domaine skiable.
 Une journée proposée par Lionel Sports.
9h : Télésiège des Vagnys. Salvagny.
Initiation Paret
Renouer  avec une glisse ancestrale de la vallée voisine!
De 3 à 77 ans, venez glisser sur nos parets revisités! Attention...vous risquez d être conquis.
14h : Piste de luge du Cirque du Fer à Cheval. Gratuit.
Sortie Raquette nocturne
Sortie raquette nocturne avec diner savoyard. Encadrement par un moniteur ESF + repas complet + raquettes. Inscription préalable à l'office de tourisme.
Tarif : 36.50 € / adulte. 26.50 €/ enfants moins de 12 ans.
18h : Office de tourisme.
Jeudi 20 février        
Descente aux flambeaux des enfants
Inscription auprès de l'ESF (04 50 34 47 78), vente de flambeaux.Vin chaud et chocolat chaud offert  par l'Union Sizère des Artisans et Commerçants de Sixt.Piste des Fontaines. Salvagny.
18h15 : Rendez – vous participants. 
18h45 : Descente aux flambeaux.
Vendredi 21 février
L'apéro jeu
Venez à la découverte de grands jeux de société. Il y en aura pour tous les âges.  
17h : Office de tourisme.Gratuit.
Dimanche 23 février
Le Goûter Zhinzho
Venez participer au Quizz Kid !
Brioche, chocolat et vin chaud offerts par l'office de tourisme
17h : Zone ludique « Ze Zhinzho'ne », Salvagny



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